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SYOKAMI Vintage Japanese 8 Inch Chef Knife
  • Sharpness & Endurance - Enjoy the precision of a professionally honed, satin-polished blade.

  • Anti-rust - Made of high carbon steel, precision quenched and vacuum cold nitrided.

  • Ergonomic - The chef's knife's full tang and forged support ensure sturdiness and balance.

  • Gift for Culinary Enthusiasts - The perfect gift for the chef.

Japanese chef knife-8 inch knives

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Japanese chef knife-8 inch knives

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Japanese chef knife-8 inch knives

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Japanese chef knife-8 inch knives



Handle Material 


Blade Material

High Carbon Stainless Steel

Blade Color


Construction Type 





8 Inches

Product size

12.5 Inches

Japanese chef knife-8 inch knives

Unleash Your Culinary Creativity

From slicing and chopping to dicing and mincing, the SYOKAMI chef's knife is a true master of all cutting tasks and techniques. Whether you're preparing succulent meats or fresh vegetables, this knife is your ultimate choice.

Japanese chef knife-8 inch knives

Unrivaled Sharpness & Endurance

Embrace the precision of a satin-finished blade, expertly honed for superior cutting performance. Elevate your cooking experience with this premium kitchen essential that will soon become your go-to companion, bidding farewell to those old, dull knives.

Japanese chef knife-8 inch knives

Ergonomic Comfort, Effortless Control

The full tang and forged bolster of our chef knife ensure unmatched robustness and perfect blade-to-handle balance. Ergonomically designed for optimum comfort, control, and agility, it minimizes fatigue, finger numbness, and aches during extended use.

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Customer Reviews

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Amazon User 3605843
Great product for Value

I'm a home cook and I really needed a new chef's knife for general use.

I was shocked at how versatile this knife is for the low price point and how thin it is. I've had it a few months now and I've only sharpened it once; it was really only a once over buff, I haven't had to really sharpen it yet which has been great. It cuts easily through vegetables, dough, hardened butter and meats. Haven't used it for de-boning yet (sorry internet) but I'm not sure if I would trust it to cut through bone.

Trustworthy for general use and basic butchering.

I wash and dry it after every use and it still looks brand new.

The material is not very flexible so don't expect to use it for like fish boning or anything but, like I mentioned, it's sturdy for how thin it is and you'll get some beautifully sliced and diced vegetables, fruits, and meats out of it.

Lightweight and sharp

Very nice. Sharp and slices with ease. Comes in a nice box you can store it in .

Randolph F
German Chef Knife

This knife has a nice handle and a good blade. Although made in China...the quality is excellent. This was my first product ordered via my cellphone and it was a great experience.

betty tanner
Chef knife

Great shape and balance. Sharpens up real good. So great for every cutting need

Natalia Jeanpierre
Love this knife, super sharp

I used this knife right away! I love the feel of it, it's got some weight on it and feels extremely sturdy. Cut right through everything like it was butter! Looks like my other knives aren't going to see the light of day.